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radical sectors of the management of the World Bank oppose the re-election of Jim Yong Kim


radical sectors of the management of the World Bank oppose the re-election of Jim Yong Kim


Employees at the World Bank Monday opposed the reappointment of the organization’s current President Jim Yong Kim, warning that the bank is “experiencing a crisis of leadership.”

“Our annual Employee Engagement Survey has, for two years running, made it painfully clear that the World Bank Group is experiencing a crisis of leadership,” the World Bank Group Staff wrote in an open letter on Monday advocating for a more transparent selection process.

The group, which represents nearly 9,000 bank staffers, called on the World Bank’s executive board to reconsider Kim’s reappointment, and to reform its selection process.

“Let there be an international call for candidates, women and men, with clear qualification criteria, followed by nominations and a long-listing process handled by a credible search committee, together with a transparent interview and selection process,” the letter reads.

President Barack Obama nominated the global health expert and Dartmouth College President in 2012, in part to rebut challenges from developing nations eager to end the US monopoly on choosing the leader of the international institution.Traditionally, the job has gone to a US candidate since the organization was founded at the Bretton Woods conference at the close of the second world war, while the head of its sister organization, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is traditionally led by a European.


“The world has changed, and we must change with it. Unless we revisit the rules of the game, the World Bank Group faces the real possibility of becoming an anachronism on the international stage,” the letter goes on to note.

The World Bank’s professional staff also played an instrumental role in ousting the organization’s top banker, Paul Wolfowitz in 2006, accusing the former Bush Administration official and architect of the Iraq War with cronyism, tinkering with bank policies to reflect his conservative viewpoints, and dating one of his top aides.

The international financial institution only allows for a select group of countries to select the bank’s leadership and senior management positions, which civil society groups argue undermines the organization’s legitimacy.

Since it’s founding in 1944, all 12 presidents of the World bank have been men with US citizenship.


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